Today, three generations of people who love and cherish each other and their land have contributed to the process of planting, extracting, and bottling our CBD products. Throughout this process, our goal remains the same: sell directly to you, straight from our beloved Tennessee farmland.

Good Health is Our Top Priority

As a promise to you, New River Botanicals™️ CBD products are always made in the safest, most natural way possible. That means no outside distributors, harmful metals, or pesticides are ever used in our nature-driven, farm-to-bottle production process.

Where we come from, the health and safety of those we love is more important than anything. Our family, community, and land make us who we are. We understand that many of our customers feel the same way, which is why we work hard every day to ensure you and your loved ones are as safe, healthy, and happy as possible.*

An Organic Farm-to-Bottle Process

Step 1: Plant the Seedlings
The first step in our farm-to-bottle process is planting the seedlings on our beloved family grounds at Howard Farms. We carefully sow the seedlings into the river-lined land in order to guarantee proper growth. Then, after 100 days, we’re ready for step two!

Step 2: Harvest the Plants
Harvesting is one of our family’s favorite steps in the CBD production process. This time is well spent outside, enjoying our beautiful land and collecting our nature-made plants for the next stage in their lifecycle.

Step 3: Dry the Plants
Next, each of our carefully-harvested plants are laid out for optimal drying. This prepares the flowers for extraction and ensures our product quality is some of the best the industry has to offer.

Step 4: Extract the CBD
After the plants have dried completely, they’re ready for extraction. Using full-spectrum extraction, we pull all available nutrients from each plant, including a variety of THC-free hemp constituents. Essentially, this means we only extract the best, most necessary ingredients and avoid those that produce a euphoric “high” or psychoactive effect, such as THC.

Step 5: Hand-Blending & Bottling
Once we’ve meticulously tested each batch of extracted CBD, we begin hand-blending it into our organic oils, topical creams, and lip balms. Then, we bottle it right here on our farm. No outside hands ever touch our products— just our trusted team and you!

Step 6: Ship Straight to You to Enjoy!
Last but not least, it’s time for you to enjoy your New River Botanicals products! The final step in our farm-to-bottle process is hands-down the most rewarding, y’all. Because nothing makes us happier than seeing the positive effects of our CBD at work. We grow it, we bottle it, and you use it to help reach your unique health goals. At the end of the day, that’s why we do what we do!

Not All CBD is Grown and Processed the Same

When you shop New River Botanicals, you can rest easy knowing that what you see on the label is what you get. All of our oils contain rich cannabinoid oil, locally-extracted from organic hemp plants and blended with organic coconut oil as a carrier. What does this mean for YOU?

Not only are our products fast-acting and effective for most users, they’re also free of toxins and made consistently under strict, all-natural guidelines. For you, this means peace of mind. Unlike some manufacturers and distributors in our industry, our CBD process is made with customer health and safety in mind, every step of the way.

Our team of CBD farming experts purposefully select the parts of the hemp plants, which CBD is derived from, that go into our products. This ensures a controlled product is produced and that you receive the exact dosage you’re looking for.

Getting Started with CBD

After learning all about our nature-driven CBD process, you may be ready to start on your journey to better health. Congrats! For many users, CBD is the key to feeling good again, and we’re over the moon that you’re interested in incorporating this powerful, organic ingredient into your daily health regime.

When introducing any new product into your personal routine, it’s important to listen to how your body responds. It’ll typically do one of two things: tell you what you need to adjust, or thank you! Proper CBD use and dosage depends greatly on your unique health goals and needs. However, we’re here to help get you started.

To learn more about the best products and dosage to start with, check out our Buyer’s Guide or contact us at (833) 995-0951 with questions. We hope to help you feel good again soon!

*CBD has not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use against any medical issues and may cause side effects. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.