About Howard Farms

About Howard Farms

Our company, New River Botanicals is a family-owned and operated CBD product retailer in East Tennessee. We started our business in 2020 and have continued running it with the help of three generations of dedicated family members. Our family owns Howard Farms, which we use to cultivate the plants for our CBD products. We carry various CBD products, including topical rubs and gels, tincture oils, and gummies

We know that CBD has become increasingly popular as a natural option for addressing various conditions and has been used for centuries for its many benefits. With this idea in mind, we wanted to offer CBD products to help people.

If you’re interested in learning more about CBD to determine if it is right for you, you’re in the right place! New River Botanicals has the information you need to feel confident when deciding on the CBD products you wish to purchase. From our farm to our CBD shop, we take great care to perfect our products, and with years of experience, we can offer you the knowledge you need about CBD!

High-Quality CBD Products From Howard Farms

When it comes to buying CBD products, you should only buy high-quality products from trustworthy brands. Here at New River Botanicals, we can ensure our CBD products are high quality because we plant, grow, harvest, and make the products ourselves, on our own farm in Tennessee, with no outside distributors. We’re able to bring you a true farm-to-bottle experience.

Our products have third-party testing to ensure they meet safety and quality standards. Additionally, we only use natural ingredients and are transparent about where we are sourcing our products. We grow all-natural CBD to bring you the CBD products you know and love!

About Howard Farms
If you begin to notice any negative or unusual side effects, reduce your dosage or stop taking CBD right away.

The most commonly reported side effects associated with CBD are drowsiness or dizziness, changes in mood, and upset stomach. It’s always a beneficial idea to talk with your doctor before you begin using CBD products!

About Howard Farms

What Exactly Is CBD?

CBD is a chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant. It is a non-intoxicating compound and does not produce the “high” feeling that THC, the other major compound in cannabis plants, brings to its users. CBD has been found to have a variety of potential benefits, including easing inflammation, increasing comfort, and helping to manage worries and stress. 

It’s important to keep in mind that every person is different, and so their reaction to CBD products will be different as well. While there are no known cases of CBD leading to severe side effects or overdose, it can be beneficial to start with small doses and increase your use slowly as needed.

What’s the Best Way To Use CBD?

Here at New River Botanicals, we understand that there are many ways you can use CBD! From addressing health concerns to purely using it as a way to boost your day, what you intend to use CBD for can influence the best way for you to use it. There are three main types of CBD products; oils, edibles, and topical creams. They vary in the speed of delivery and the length of effects. While creams are typically used for localized and fast-acting needs, edibles and oils may take a longer time to have any effect on you.

About Howard Farms

At New River Botanicals, we are serious about your health, and we want you to feel completely comfortable when you try our CBD products. Reach out to our team for more information on our CBD products or our process. We are happy to help!