Howard Farms

The Birthplace of New River Botanicals
Our Farm
Our Farm

Where we come from, there’s green grass and calm water as far as the eye can see. Nature gave us New River, the beautiful body of water that flows through a mile of our family’s farmland. Now, we’re using it to nourish the land and grow all-natural CBD for you and your loved ones.

Every year, the New River helps us grow hundreds of new plants by hydrating our 600-acre farm.

Our Farm
Our Farm

Once planted, we spend countless hours carefully and lovingly tending to the farm and prepping the plants for the extraction phase of our process. It may sound like a lot of work, but we truly love it!

Today, three generations of our family share a special part in our farm-to-bottle process. Together, we proudly produce all-natural products that are changing lives for the better — right here on Howard Farms!

Our Farm

At New River, nothing matters more than good health.

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