CBD Health Benefits

Great memories are created in good health.
Health Benefits
We understand that everything we do is impacted by our health.

How many of your favorite moments in life happened when you were sick? How ‘bout when you just weren’t quite feeling like yourself? What if we told you that you can get back to filling your life with happy, healthy memories?

CBD is rapidly gaining momentum in the health and wellness industry— and for good reason! Recent research* has confirmed a possible relationship between CBD and the treatment or relief of day-ruining, life-interrupting, just-plain-frustrating health symptoms.

Health Benefits
Chronic Pain & Aches
Sleep Disorders
Anxiety & Depression
Neurological Disorders
Joint Inflammation
Nicotine Dependency
Chronic Acne
Balance & Coordination
Cancer-Related Symptoms
And More!

Suffering isn’t natural. Start living the life you deserve today.

“Our pride for our work comes from seeing the positive effects of CBD firsthand, both in our customers and in our own family! We whole-heartedly believe CBD is one of the most dynamic natural ingredients on the market today. So much so, that we use it ourselves.

We’ve even given New River Botanicals™ our official family ‘stamp of approval’, which basically means our products are safe and have proven value to us! CBD has been a solution to very real problems for very real people… including myself and my family.”

– Kelley Krahn
2nd Generation, Howard Farms

The Future of CBD

Currently, studies are being done to determine if CBD has a direct effect on developmental disorders, such as Autism (ASD). In fact, many parents have turned to CBD products to help manage their child’s ASD symptoms. Some claim that the organic ingredient has improved their child’s impulsivity and attention span, reduced their aggression or hyperactiveness, and improved their sleeping or eating habits.
Because new studies are being done every day, there’s still so much left to learn about the positive effects of CBD! As a family, our hope is that CBD products continue to be used in the fight against major health epidemics, such as today’s detrimental opioid crisis. In order to do that, however, we need to continue seeing new research. The more we can learn about the benefits of CBD, the more people we can help!
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