Our Story

It all happens right here on our beloved family farmland.
Our Story


My family and I have lived on Howard Farms, home of New River Botanicals™, for as long as I can remember. Some of my favorite memories happened on the farm, and today I’m blessed to get to watch my children create their own sweet experiences on our land. This place is our home, and we’re beyond excited to share a special part of it with y’all.

Where I come from, there’s green grass and calm water as far as the eye can see. New River, the river that keeps our lands hydrated and nourishes our grounds, is a big part of our community and an even bigger part of our story. With a growing interest in the benefits of CBD oil and New River flowing through a mile of familiar farmland, my family and I set out to embark on a new journey together!

This chapter in our lives is all about promoting good health — for ourselves, for you, and for the community. We understand that everything we do is impacted by our health and we greatly value the blessings we’ve been given. Now, as a family and as a company, we’re on a mission to help others feel strong and in control of their health, too.

Our pride for our work comes from seeing the positive effects of CBD oil firsthand. From chronic pain and sleep disorders to depression and nicotine dependency, we’ve seen this organic ingredient help fix it all. In fact, my family and I use it ourselves to help curb anxiety, improve balance, and manage pain.

Because quality of life greatly depends on the quality of the products we use, we promise that our CBD products are made with only the purest, most natural ingredients. Every product is made farm-to-bottle, meaning we do it all right here on our beloved stompin’ grounds.

My parents, husband, brother, sister-in-law, and I all lend a helping hand in growing the plants, extracting the oil, and bottling the product for direct delivery to you. No outside distributors. No harmful metals or pesticides. Our oils are all-natural because your health is a priority. It’s that simple for us.

It’s been a beautiful journey so far and we’d love to have you join us on it! Here at New River Botanicals, there’s so much further we can grow together.

Our Story

Kelley Krahn
2nd Generation, Howard Farms

Our Story